Our purpose is to provide a Narcotics Anonymous meeting to addicts who can not or prefer not to attend in-person meetings. To provide an open friendly atmosphere of recovery where an addict feels supported and welcomed.

Our virtual meetings are currently hosted on Zoom  https://zoom.us/j/9519091234?pwd=654321

Our meeting ID is 9519091234 Password 654321

Meetings are daily at 6AM, 10AM and 5PM 

First Monday Newcomer Orientation at 8PM

Third Monday Spiritual Principles in Service A traditions Study at 8PM

Tuesday Just For Today at 7:30

Wednesday Women’s meeting at 1:00PM

Wednesday Men’s meeting at 3:30PM

Thursday Just an Addict at 6:30PM

Saturday at 10PM

Members have expressed their gratitude for these virtual meetings. Members who could otherwise not attend NA meetings, for example those who have health issues, victims of domestic violence, treatment centers, parents with children, those who don’t have transportation, members at work and those who have moved away and are reconnecting. 

Do you need a service commitment? Being of service is a key part of recovery in NA. We have service commitments for all levels of clean time. Email virtual@eietodayna.org and we’ll get you started.

The Virtual Meeting Committee meets the second Saturday of the month at 11:30AM https://zoom.us/j/9519091234?pwd=654321 Please join us

Virtual Meeting Committee Guidelines