The purpose of the Public Relations Subcommittee is to inform the public that Narcotics Anonymous exists, and that it offers recovery from active addiction. We also provide information on when and where to find meetings. We believe “that NO ADDICT seeking recovery need die without having had a chance to find a better way of life.” The Public Relations Subcommittee supports public information efforts, manages our area’s helpline, maintains our area’s website, provides group support, and keeps an updated directory of the meetings in our area.

The Public Relations Subcommittee meets the second Sunday of each month at 3PM at 4850 Jurupa Ave, Riverside, CA 92504. (Takes place before the ASC meeting.)

Open Commitments:


Vice Chair


Assistant Phone Line Tech Coordinator

Assistant Website Person

Community Relations Coordinator

Members at Large

In order to grow our subcommittee, we are asking all groups in our area to send a PR representative to our committee meeting:

A PR representative is a member of a group who attends the area’s monthly PR Subcommittee meeting, and collects subcommittee information which they then takes back to their respective groups.

Should the local PR Subcommittee have a need for support from the fellowship, these representatives would solicit help within their groups.

A member of the PR  Subcommittee can focus on issues and needs specific to Public Relations, unlike a GSR who collects general information from throughout the entire area.

The PR Subcommittee suggests a 90-day clean time requirement for a PR representative. We hope this encourages newer members of NA to become involved in service. In the spirt of the 4th tradition (group autonomy), a PR representative sent by a group, should be elected by said group.

A PR representative might participate in various aspects of Public Relations such as booth sitting, answering phonelines, attending presentations on NA, etc. (This would be an elected position keeping in mind our fourth tradition of group autonomy.)

Open Phone Line Slots

Wednesday 12:00AM-8:00AM
Saturday 8:00PM-12:00AM

Public Relations Subcommittee Guidelines

Public Relations Handbook

More PR resources from NA World Service