Experience Strength and Hope

“Our message of recovery is based on our experience. Before coming to the Fellowship, we exhausted ourselves by trying to use successfully, and wondering what was wrong with us. After coming to NA, we found ourselves among a very special group of people who have suffered like us and found recovery. In their experiences, freely shared, we found hope for ourselves. If the program worked for them, it would work for us.” Basic Text 6th edition page 10

Our primary purpose is always our focus. We carry the message and stay clean. With the current situation as it is we can fight it or get into the solution. In-person meetings will never be replaceable but it’s not always possible. With facilities closing and personal health levels quarantining addicts we have turned to the virtual world to carry the message of recovery. Virtual meetings have helped many addicts get clean in a world wide pandemic but there is still something missing. Break time and after the meeting discussions, the meeting after the meeting when we all get together and the newcomer gets to ask questions. These are vital pieces to the program. Here we have asked addicts to share their experience, strength and hope to answer questions about topics we’ve been asked about.

So what’s your question?

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