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There are many fun and fulfilling ways to get involved. Here’s a few…

The ASC needs a secretary and an Alternate Regional Committee Member (Alt RCM) for duties and responsibilities click

Public Relations We are asking all groups in our area to send a representative to the PR meeting to help us grow our subcommittee: A PR representative is a member of a group who attends the area monthly PR sub-committee meeting, and collects subcommittee information which the individual then takes back to their respective groups.

If you would like to contact us please send an email to publicinfo@eietodayna.org. 

  • We have 3 phone slots open!! All you need is 6 months clean, a telephone and willingness. Also we need Friday daily Coordinator.
  • Phone Lines Clerk to help stuff envelopes, etc. Asst.Technical Coordinator to learn the Phone.com system.
  • We need volunteers for booth sitting at the “Recovery Happens” event in Fairmont park on Friday, Sept. 15th, 2017 Please contact Janine (951)809-8180 or Jeff B.(951)662-2584
  • We also need a Chair, Vice Chair, Asst. Web Servant, and we are also in need of a member to pioneer a new commitment…”Group Support Coordinator” this person would take over some of responsibilities of the old Outreach Committee and to help insure the accuracy of our meeting directory.
  • We have been declining school presentations and other weekday community requests because we do not have available members to do them on weekdays. We are always looking for members to help out with panels at various community events.  To volunteer via email send to publicinfo@eietodayna.org or attend the subcommittee meeting…click


Activities Thanks for getting the word out!! ALL Positions are filled except Alternate Regional Rep.  Meeting time and place is on the back of directory or click

Day of Dinosaurs Elections were held, but there are still many more opportunities to be be a part of this event. We need artwork, please send to DOD@eietodayna.org  We have moved the meeting time and and location to 1815 Rustin Ave ste B in Riverside, 3pm we still meet the 2nd Sunday of the month. click for more info click 

Hospital and Institution needs Men and Women to share their experience, strength and hope on panels. 90 days to sit on a panel. 6 months to share. Panel leaders need a minimum of one year clean (some institutions have other special requirements). We need a woman with at least 1year clean to be a panel leader on the 1st Thursday of the month in Bloomington. If you are interested please contact Rosemary at 909-329-7766. To volunteer via email send to handi@eietodayna.org or attend the subcommittee meeting (info on back of directory… or click)

Sponsorship Behind The Walls meeting time to 6:15 on the last Tuesday of the month. We always need sponsors: All correspondence will be anonymous via mail. They won’t know who you are or where you live. We especially need men to write men. There are currently over 100 men waiting for sponsors. To volunteer via email send to sbtw@eietodayna.org or attend the subcommittee meeting (meeting time and place on back of directory…or click)

SBTW also needs a Vice-Chair and a File Receiving Clerk.